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We provide complete manufacturing solutions for all customers including leading global brands, with the best vertical integration advantages, smart production, and digitalized management. We pay detailed attention to each stage of production from project initiation, design, prototyping, new product introduction, global manufacturing, on-time delivery, to follow-up services. We aim to help customers reduce costs and strive for early product launch, through a comprehensive supply chain and internal-supplier-composed manufacturing system.
About Us
Studio is an intelligent factory focusing on one-stop service and fast multi-variety small and large batch electronic product production .Studio performs engineering, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, box build assembly and value-added inventory management and logistics for companies operating across and around the world. We are committed to applying advanced production techniques and manufacturing practices that has enabled us to become the echelon within the market. We strive to maintain optimal levels of customer satisfaction through achieved greatness with regards of time, quality, and service , the company self-developed CRM, MES, ERP, and IoT management systems to achieve industrial digital intelligent factories, our core service areas: industrial control, smart home, instrumentation, vehicle Internet of Things, communication power, medical devices, automotive electronics, aviation, etc.
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One-Stop Service
We are a full-service electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, Our main services include electronics and metal, DFM/DFT review for Product Design...
High-Speed Delivery
Studio excels in the fast delivery of small and large batches of PCBA production. The quick turnaround time is guaranteed by the CRM, MES, ERP, and IoT management systems used in our intelligent PCBA factory. 
Quality Focus
Through collective mindset, process innovation and continuous improvement, Studio technology strives to always exceed our customers' expectations in providing electronic manufacturing services of the highest quality. 
Advanced Technology
Studio leverages cutting-edge PCBA technology and equips itself with a professional R&D team.

  • PCB assembly finished product inspection
    PCB assembly finished product inspection
    PCB assembly china finished product inspection is a comprehensive quality inspection of the processed PCB board, mainly including the following aspects:
  • PCBA assembly process control
    PCBA assembly process control
    PCB assembly china process control refers to real-time monitoring and adjustment of key process steps during PCB processing to ensure processing quality.
  • PCBA assembly incoming material inspection requirements
    PCBA assembly incoming material inspection requirements
    PCB assembly china incoming material inspection requirements
  • PCBA assembly precautions
    PCBA assembly precautions
    During the PCBA assembly process, PCB assembly china reminds to pay attention to the following matters:
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