Studio  Electronics is a leading pcb assembly manufacturer in China. We can do assembly  of printed circuit boards (PCB) of through-hole technology (THT), 2 sided SMT  and THD assembly, surface mount technology (SMT) or a combination.We have in house  facilities for prototype PCB assembly, low to medium volume PCB assembly and  high volume PCB assembly. At Studio we do full Turn-Key and partial Turn-Key  PCB Assembly Services.In Full Turn-Key, Apart from making printed circuit  boards, sourcing components, quality inspection and final assembly. In partial  Turn-Key, you can order the PCBs and partial components; we will fix the  remaining parts for you.

We have  developed a set of system production auxiliary software.The system focuses on  the fast production service of multi-variety and small-batch PCB assembly  service. The production process includes raw material procurement, parts  inspection and welding. Our PCB assembly service system can inspect every  production process . If there is any problem in the PCB assembly service  process, we can detect and control it in time.

In the realm of  electronics manufacturing, time is of the essence, efficiency is paramount, and  precision is non-negotiable. Enter Turnkey PCB Assembly – a comprehensive  solution that has revolutionized how businesses approach the production of  printed circuit boards (PCBs). This system is not just about assembling PCBs,  but also about simplifying the complex orchestration of logistics, procurement,  and manufacturing into a seamless, efficient process. Before choosing a Turnkey  PCB Assembly manufacturer, you should make sure that PCBA works Flawlessly and  make a PCB Prototype. You need a trusted Partner, so about PCB assembly, in the  definition of STUDIO? Let's take a look together!
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