Studio is a leading electronics manufacturing service provider in China, Intelligent factory focusing on one-stop service and fast multi-variety small and large batch electronic product production .Studio performs engineering, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, box build assembly and value-added inventory management and logistics for companies operating across and around the world. We are committed to applying advanced production techniques and manufacturing practices that has enabled us to become the echelon within the market. We strive to maintain optimal levels of customer satisfaction through achieved greatness with regards of time, quality, and service , the company self-developed CRM, MES, ERP, and IoT management systems to achieve industrial digital intelligent factories, our core service areas: industrial control, smart home, instrumentation, vehicle Internet of Things, communication power, medical devices, automotive electronics, aviation, etc. 

At Studio, we take pride in providing an excellent standard of service, quality, value, and on-time delivery to our customers. Our product turnaround can be expedited to 24 hours for prototypes and 3 weeks for small to medium quantity production runs.When it comes to developing a complete product,  Studio offers a fully integrated array of services which include design, manufacture, assembly and functional testing to ensure the highest level of quality control. As a result, Studio has the ability to provide you with exactly the services you require, at the best price, along with the peace of mind which comes from knowing that people manufacturing your product are qualified!

Studio with the core value of "speed, quality, technology, service," as the business philosophy, the company is managed by ISO9001 , TS16949, ISO13485 system standards, building customer trust, You can count on our unyielding commitment to provide superior quality products and services, while continually striving to exceed your expectations into the future

Business Philosophy

Speed:  Studio excels in the fast delivery of small and large batches of production. The quick turnaround time is guaranteed by the CRM, MES, ERP, and IoT management systems used in our intelligent factory.

Quality:  We adhere to an ethos of specialized production and abide by strict principles of quality and precision. We are committed to maintaining a quality leadership position in our industries, as well as integrating high-quality suppliers to create a competitive advantage for our customers.

Service: Respecting customers, understanding customers, continuously providing products and services that exceed customer expectations, and being the eternal partner of customers, this is our service philosophy that we have always adhered to and advocated.

Technology: Studio dedication to technical innovation helps enable our customers to solve their toughest challenges , We believe in collaborative relationships with our customers. Our global R&D facilities and cutting-edge manufacturing operations allow us to provide agile, flexible, and innovative solutions that keep us ahead of the fast-paced demands of our customers.

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