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We are  a full-service electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, Our main  services include electronics and metal, DFM/DFT review for Product Design ,Turnkey manufacturing, such as PCB fabrication, component  purchasing, PCB assembly,final assembly, plastic injection molding, high volume  metal stamping, die-casting and custom fabrication, Through our services, your jobs can be transferred to the  Far East for lower cost.

Stuido people believe that low and cheap price  is not the only successful element; professional performance and excellent  quality are the other key element to achieve at a higher level. Therefore,  Studio has been strictly following international standard quality control  system; meanwhile, we have successfully become a cost-effective EMS service  provider to many customers worldwide

High-Speed Delivery

Studio excels in the fast delivery of small and large batches of PCBA production. The quick turnaround time is guaranteed by the CRM, MES, ERP, and IoT management systems used in our intelligent PCBA factory. We believe in building and sustaining a strong partnership with our customers, based on trust and confidence.  At Studio, we see ourselves as an extension of our customers' organizations.  Studio demonstrates its dedication to customers by being flexible and accountable.

Quality Focus

Through collective mindset, process innovation and  continuous improvement, Studio technology strives to always exceed our  customers' expectations in providing electronic manufacturing services of the  highest quality. Studio has attained key quality certifications like ISO9001,  IATF16949, and ISO13485. The QA experts conduct stringent quality control  measures and necessary tests to guarantee the quality and performance of the  final boards shipped to customers. As an ISO certified manufacturer, Studio has  integrated a structure of quality management procedures to insure that a  client’s final product meets the design specifications by managing the quality  of each step of the production process from supplier selection,  work-in-progress inspections, final inspections and customer service,  These  quality management procedures include:
• Supplier Evaluations and Audits
• Preliminary Contract Review
• Manufacturing Instruction Development
• Quality Control of Materials
• Manufacturing Process Controls
• Final Testing and Inspections
• Final Quality Audits
• Customer Care Processes

* Testing Solutions

Test strategy determination is based on a number of factors. Product technology, component selection, product criticality, and product complexity are just a few factors that must be considered when investigating a test strategy. By reviewing relevant characteristics of a product, key test requirements are derived. Then the most appropriate test method can be implemented to achieve a real goal and complete test coverage, With extensive electrical testing capabilities, we have procedures that cover PCB assemblies to system-level analysis. Our functional testing capabilities utilizes customes provided procedures or we work with the customer to set up necessary test configuration to meet customer-specific requirements.

* Quality Control Objective

• The inspection rate for materials by IQC 98%
• The failure rate of the production line less than 1%
• The inspection rate for finished products by QA is 99%
• The client satisfaction rate 100%
• Workmanship : IPC-A-600(PCB) & IPC-A-610 Class II (PCB Assemblies)

Low to Medium Volume and Competitive Cost Producer

You no longer need high volume to be manufacturing in a low cost region (LCR).  Studio will support our customer mid to low to medium volume demand with most competitive LCR manufacturing cost, so that we can meet all our clients requirements, no matter the order is large, Or small, Or prototype, no MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Advanced Technology

Studio leverages cutting-edge PCBA technology and equips itself with a professional R&D team. The self-invented intelligent production management system, like the first PCBA article tester and the smart warehouse, has enormously enhanced production efficiency and quality. We have a strong engineering and manufacturing team, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and advanced business administrative system , accommodating either small, medium or large volume production,Our unique business model provides great value to our customers by combining lean manufacturing in a low cost environment with western management and sector diversified manufacturing. This allows us to deliver sophisticated electronic and mechanical assemblies at a competitive price

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