Studio also a PCB manufacturing shop serving local and national manufacturing companies. The company built single layer board, double layers board and multi-layers boards. By 2008, had expanded its business to assembly, product design and final assembly. The establishment of our ShenZheng plant makes us to capable to be an integrated electronic manufacturing service provider. Today, Studio offers customers an unparalleled range of PCB manufacturing and assembly capabilities.

 Board types Multilayer up to 50 layers
 Material FR4, FR5, FR406, FR408, High-TG(TG>170 ℃),
 CEM-1, Aluminum and Copper base, Teflon
 Minimum Trace width 0.08mm
 Minimum Track Width to feature spacing 0.075mm
 Smallest drilled hole 0.08mm
 Material Thickness 0.1mm-6.0mm
 Copper Thickness Up to 6 oz Cu
 Max board size 500 mm x 700mm
 Tolerance of dimension ±0.08mm
 Tolerance of thickness (t ≥0.8mm) ±8%
 Tolerance of thickness (t ≤0.8mm) ±10%
 Solder Mask SMOBC, LPI or Dry Film 
 Surface finish Hot Air Solder Level(HASL)
 Electroless Nickel / Immersion Silver, ENIG
 Electroless Tin Lead / Organic ( OSP )
 Hard Gold ( edge contact ) / Carbon
 Silkscreen Colors White, Yellow, Black
 Solder Mask Colors Green, Blue, Red, Black, Clear
 Bare Board Test Bed of Nails Simultaneous
 double-sided flying probe test
 Gold plate Edge connectors Touch Pads
 Panelization Routing, V-Groove

High Freqyency PCB
This article talks about Choosing a High Frequency PCB Design Manufacturer, including Plan your floorplan, Route signals to maximize shielding, Avoid coupling between power and ground planes, FR4 doesn't work at high frequencies, PTFE can smear at drill if it gets too hot, Knowledge of FR4 can still act as a suitable laminate material. It is instructive for pcb assembly customization.

Flex pcb
The article talks about Heavy Copper Materials and Single Layer Rigid Flex PCB Design Manufacturers. Polyimide is a plastic-based substance with great thermal resistance and durability. It is produced from different compounds that contain imide architectures. Polyimides are used to produce various. types of PCBs The most common polyimide PCBs are sheer polyimides. Rigid PCBs have multiple layers of copper traces, while polyimide PCBs have a single layer of copper. These types of PCBs are ideal for complex PCB applications. They can be bent and folded without breaking. They are highly tensile, providing high resistance to mechanical stress . The materials and process characteristics of FR-1, FR-2, FR-5, FR-6, FR-7, FR-8, FR-9 are described in detail

Aluminum pcb
This article explains how to Finding an Aluminum Base PCB Circuit Board Manufacturer. Including Metal core, high thermal conductivity, Multi-layering, solder mask printing, etc.

Riqid flex pcb
What problems should be paid attention to in Rigid-flex boards? What are the characteristics of Rigid-flex PCB design? As one of the largest Rigid-flex PCB manufacturers in China, PCBasic will answer your questions

Multilayer pcb up to 50 layer
The internal plane layer, also known as the internal power layer, is dedicated to the layout of power lines and ground lines. This type of layer is only used for multilayer PCB board. We call it double-layer.

Thick copper pcb
Heavy copper PCB manufacturers with high service awareness, design heavy copper PCB and heavy copper flex PCB according to your needs, so that the products can carry high-power devices on demand 

Carbon ink pcb
Carbon Ink PCB is an Eco Friendly PCB, which conforms to PCB environmentalism and has good conductivity. It is often used in high voltage, pulse, and high frequency circuits

RF pcb
RF PCBs or radio frequency printed circuit boards are among the fastest-growing areas in PCB manufacturing. They function with high-frequency signals, especially those in the RF (radio frequency) range.

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