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  • Rapid Proofing and small batch production
    We focus on sample and small batch production,and can produce samples within 24 hours at the soonest
  • Fast batch production
    Sufficient equipment provides a strong guarantee for batch production, we can deliver in 3-5 days
  • Ultra-high precision
    Advanced production and inspection equipment are our guarantee of high quality,we promise you 100% full inspection before shipment
  • Multiple materials
    We have rich experience in processing technology and can process many different types of materials
  • Lower cost
    The rationality of the process arrangement greatly reduces the cost
  • Customization of surface treatment
    A large number of surface treatment processes to give you more choices
CNC Machining Services
  • 01 CNC Milling service
  • 02 CNC lathing service
  • 03 Laser Cutting service
  • 04 Wire Cutting service
  • 05 CNC Punching service
  • 06 3D Printing service
CNC machining materials
* If you do not find the material you want in the list, you can contact our accountmanager.
Aluminium Alloy 6061 5052 2A12 7075 6063
Stainless Steel 303 304 316 316L 420
430 17-4PH 301 321 /
Alloy Steel Q235 (A3 steel) 45 steel Cr12 Cr13 40Cr
Spring steel-65Mn Die steel-SKD11 / / /
Copper Alloy Brass-H59 Brass-H62 Red copper - T2 Oxygen-free copper TU2 Tin bronze-QSn-6-6-3
Beryllium copper-C17200 / / / /
Other Alloys Electrician pure iron-DT4C Electrician Pure Iron-DT4E Titanium alloy-TC4 Magnesium alloy - AZ91D /
Plastic Engineering plastics - ABS PTFE - PTFE Saigang - POM Bakelite PMMA
Polypropylene-PP PPS Polyurethane PU PVC-PVC Epoxy board FR4
Polyethylene-HDPE Polyethylene-LDPE Nylon-PA6 Nylon-PA66 Polycarbonate - PC
Special Materials Carbon fiber board Graphite / / /
Manufacturing strength

2,000m2self-operated factory

500+precision equipment

Inspection Equipment
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