Located  in ShenZheng is the R&D foundation of Studio Electronics. Composed of  high-quality scientific and technological elites, the R&D team constantly  introduces new technologies to strengthen the lineup of OEM products. They also  cooperate fully with customers to improve product novelty and the living  quality of consumers. Practical innovations require the R&D team to grasp  the market pulse and further stimulate breakthrough ideas. With many years of  rich experience in hardware and software integration, Studio's R&D team —  on the premise of meeting customer demands — has further exceeded customer  expectations of their original manufacturing conditions
Demanding  perfection in design and sticking to the spirit of doing things right the first  time, Studio's R&D team cautiously defines, purchases, inspects, and  recognizes the specifications of various parts. This ensures the final product  quality and finds problems and solutions during mass trial production. To  assist customers in accelerating product launches.
The market demands a reliable, durable, and  economical product. Backed by years of experiences in PCB and assembly, Studio  engineers will interface with your team in the early stages of product  development or manufacturing to provide the best solutions for quality and  reliability performance, cost reduction and supply chain initiatives.

PCB Layout

Studio  has the expertise to assist you with your PCB layout design needs, from new  board designs to updating existing boards. We offer a full range of PCB design  services from board layout to management of the board fabrication process, test  and assembly with extensive design for manufacturing knowledge. Our PCB  designers have many years of combined commercial and automotive experience  ranging from high volume consumer single-sided boards through complex  multi-layer digital to analog and RF designs.

Design for Manufacture

DFM is critical to guarantee the product cycle, minimizes development cost and ensures a smooth transition into production from prototype stages. The first article approval is the initial most important step toward effective DFM. An OEM approved first article proves valuable in answering all questions relating to manufacturing, assembly and test. It is the “ proof of concept ” before going into production, even if quantities are small. The first article ensures that the transition into production volumes is smooth with few to no questions left unanswered. Plus, for the OEM, smooth transition to production means key market demands such as time-to-market, quality, reliability, product delivery, and the very critical time-to-revenue are met.

Design of Injection Mold

A team with 17 years of senior experience in mold manufacturing, with years of experience in product design, mold design, and precision parts production for well-known brand enterprises; Through pre technical review and DFM, fully understand the product's characteristic requirements. Led by the Engineering Department and the Mold Department, conduct thorough pre evaluation of product functionality to ensure that product functionality, structure, and appearance meet customer needs.

Test strategy development

Integrating computer generated product design with computer controlled machining stations is fundamental to precise tooling construction. Alliance uses the most advanced CAD/CAM equipment to build molds, so they are created fast and accurately. Design files are translated into three-dimensional geometric tool cutting paths, while CAM (computer aided machining) streamlines the manufacturing process to provide rapid prototyping and the final production mold. CAD-driven electric discharge machines cut intricate shapes that conventional milling machines cannot achieve.


Our design team provides design of packaging according to specified product features, transportation method and different market needs.

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